• Added a crude "Correct Indentation" on the editor pop-up menu
  • Fixed a problem with white space in path to compiler
  • Fixed a problem with backslashes in import/include paths which would break outline view
  • Minimized the number of menues and functions
  • Repackaged on top of Eclipse 3.4.1
  • BUG: "undo" as a response to "Quit?" undid the wrong command in some cases.
  • BUG: verb bodies in outer nested locations did not get executed.
  • Prohibited locating actors into containers.
  • BUG: aggregating over things in restricted containers did not consider the class restriction so did not find e.g. attributes defined for that class.
  • BUG: In loops with an "In <CONTAINER>" filter this did not restrict the class to the classes taken by the container.
  • BUG: Isa expressions and loop filters did a general lookup for the class name, so would find e.g. default syntax parameters.
  • BUG: WinArun could try to restore from an empty file reference in some cases.
  • BUG: If a multiple or omnipotent indicator was used for one syntax which shared a common prefix (starting with the same verb e.g.) would sometimes miss the indicator. Changed this to make an indicator implicitly apply to all syntaxes with the same prefix.
  • Extensive refactoring of the sources and Makefiles.
  • Removed support for the Metrowerks (old Mac) compiler.

  • Bug: UNDO directly after restart would crash.
  • Bug: scheduled events imminent to run would get lost after undo (typically the ones scheduled After 0)
  • Bug: checksum calculation to work with pre-alpha5 games

  • Feature: nested locations, by locating locations in each other you can create nested scopes. You can even do this during run-time, perhaps a tool to create vehicles? Read more in the manual.
  • Allowed more general expressions in Locate At statement and Isa expressions.
  • Now generates an IFID as per The Babel Treaty.
  • Rules are now also run immediately after the game is set-up.
  • Bug: Fixed a few problems with "open" verbs in the library.
  • Bug: added inherited reference attributes could sometimes cause a crash.
  • A pronoun in player input, matching multiple parameters, now gives an error message.
  • Bug: An empty container clause terminated by a full stop would cause random errors caused by uninitialized data.
  • Bug: Renaming the WinArun interpreter to a game name would crash on game save.
  • Bug: Negative integer literals would cause a system error.
  • Bug: Full lists of multiply nested imported files would print incorrectly.
  • Corrected scope handling so that locations are not always in scope.
  • Made CANCEL accept expressions.


What They Say

"I-F languages are like vehicles ... using Alan is like driving a zippy, easy-handling little electric town car -- it's often all you need to take you where you want to go."

Lelah Conrad