Interpreters are the way you play Alan adventures. If you just want to play you should download one interpreter from here. They are usually supporting more features or complementing other Interactive Fiction players, like Gargoyle, than the ones in the complete development packages.

But if  you want to develop your own games you should start with a complete sdk here.


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Development Kits

Development kits are complete distributions of Alan containing everything required to develop text adventures or interactive fiction with Alan. It includes at least both a compiler and an interpreter.

If you just want to play a game, you can find separate interpreters in the Interpreters download section.

You can supplement your SDK with the AlanIDE, extra documentation, extensions or utilities like the AlanGrapher.

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AlanIDE, the complete Alan Integrated Development Environment, is an experimental (although still quite useful) application build on top of Eclipse. Here you can download AlanIDE as a complete application for your system. You will need an Alan compiler to actually compile the Alan source into a game and an interpreter to run it. You can find them here.

Read more about AlanIDE here.

Note that you need a recent Java runtime to run AlanIDE.

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In this download category you can find various manuals and tutorials helping you to use and understand the Alan system.

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Here you can find the the Alan Standard Library and other similar extensions.

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In this section you can find various user supplied extensions to the basic Alan functionality in the form of Alan source that you can include, copy or modify for inclusion in your own works.

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Here you can find some utilities not part of the Alan system but useful for writing adventure games or interactive fiction with Alan.

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What They Say

"All those weirdly arranged parentheses, and semi-colons and strange curlicues hanging out in the middle of blank lines. Impossible. But when I looked at Alan I saw the light or, at least, English."

Eric Mayer