• FEATURE: ellision/contraction marked by apostrophe (such as "l'aqua" in italian) is now handled so that it is first looked up as a complete word, but failing that will fallback and look for the two parts separated by the apostrophe as single words.
  • FEATURE: allow double conjunctions between player sentences, to allow such as "take the stone and then drop it". ("and" and "then" are both conjunctions).
  • BUGFIX: pack option did not work
  • BUGFIX: Random In Container sometimes crashed
  • BUGFIX: Grave accented 'È' ('è') was lost in syntaxes and synonyms
  • BUGFIX: It was possible to declare multiple pronouns but only the first one worked.
  • BUGIFX: System Error was thrown when using IN-filters and the container was a local variable.
  • BUGFIX: Division by zero crashed the interpreter, now it throws an Application Error instead.
  • BUGFIX: If the player input in a string parameter contained a dollar sign, it was expanded on output (or crashed)

What They Say

"I-F languages are like vehicles ... using Alan is like driving a zippy, easy-handling little electric town car -- it's often all you need to take you where you want to go."

Lelah Conrad