• The DIRECTLY qualifier can now be used for all Where-type expressions
  • A container using the default description will list its content
  • The List statement can now operate on expressions, notably involving reference attributes
  • Implemented text style hints which of course only works in some interpreters, notably non-trivial GLK-variants
  • Exits can be inherited and added
  • Initialize clause added to classes and instances, this makes it easier to control initializations locally
  • Events can be referenced from attributes in the same way as instances
  • NEW Play statement to play sounds, interpreter dependent support of course
  • All media resources are now automatically packaged into a single resource file (blorb-format) by the compiler
  • Improved word handling to enable more correct parsings when words are of multiple classes, e.g. verb&direction, adjective&verb and preposition&verb
  • Nearby expression can test locations
  • NEW Near expression which tests the adjacency between two instances
  • Simplified the language grammar notation in the manaual

What They Say

"I think it's the best IF language I've ever seen - and I *am* a programmer."

Andrew Heale