The AlanIDE has been rebuilt and some minor issues fixed. It also sports a crude "Correct Indentation" function in the editor menue.

It is now at v0.0.8. You can download the new version from the AlanIDE area of the Alan Home Pages,

NOTE!! Before you upgrade (which is exactly like a new install) make sure that your Alan projects are safe. Usually they are stored within the AlanIDE directory tree so copy them to a safe place before you delete the old version. You need to copy the files into the project directory within the AlanIDE installation tree since v0.0.8 does not  
allow you to switch workspace.

You can have the old version hanging around as long as you like.

What They Say

"[the game] does not represent the real capabilities of the Alan Language but does demonstrate Alan's amazing ability to allow someone who has never done an iota of computer programming of any kind to produce SOMETHING within a few weeks!"

Eric Mayer (on his game HeBGB Horrors)