Alpha 3.0alpha9

Released on:
Sunday, 03 October 2010 00:00
  • FEATURE: Improved the tracing messages in the debugger
  • BUGFIXWinArun did not follow preferences for window colouring and fonts
  • BUGFIXWinArun did not find sound and image resources when started in another directory
  • BUGFIX: a pronoun referencing an instance from a previous command that is no longer available, the message was non-optimal
  • Clearified licensing, read COPYING
  • Upgraded WinGLK to 1.39


File size:
842.49 Kb
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Windows XPWindows 7

WinArun is the Windows GUI-based interpreter for Alan. It will run your game in a window with graphics. It requires Glk.dll (included). Packaged with a Windows installer.


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What They Say

"[the game] does not represent the real capabilities of the Alan Language but does demonstrate Alan's amazing ability to allow someone who has never done an iota of computer programming of any kind to produce SOMETHING within a few weeks!"

Eric Mayer (on his game HeBGB Horrors)