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Category: Extensions
Extensions Files: 4

In this section you can find various user supplied extensions to the basic Alan functionality in the form of Alan source that you can include, copy or modify for inclusion in your own works.

Restricted verbs Version:2 Date 2011-11-19 12:10:27 Filesize 19.93 KB Download

This extension provides a way to put "global" checks on verbs so that all actions in a given situation yield the same message:

But you are tied up!

>take keys
But you are tied up!

>attack guard
But you are tied up!

Game ending messages Version:2 Date 2011-11-19 14:16:02 Filesize 1.31 KB Download

This extension provides a way to write the winning, losing or other ending messages for a game and then call those messages easily within the code by declaring ‘DESCRIBE winning’, ‘DESCRIBE losing’ and ‘DESCRIBE ending’.

Game banner Version:2 Date 2011-11-19 14:13:46 Filesize 989 B Download

This small extension offers an easy framework for how the game banner is presented in the beginning of the game, with easily editable information about the game title, author, copyright line et al.

Conversation Date 2013-11-09 15:04:53 Filesize 219.56 KB Download
The extension provides a system to have conversations with NPCs in-game. The verb 'talk to' triggers a list of topics the hero can talk about with an NPC, e.g.
> talk to neighbor
You can ask the neighbor about:
   new garden swing
> t harvest
"Did you manage to reap everything you have sown?" you ask.
"Pretty much," the neighbor says.

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